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Winter – Suse Güllert Fotografie

Suse Güllert Photography – Logo

Suse Güllert Photography – Logo

Winter – Suse Güllert Fotografie

Suse Güllert Photography – Logo

Suse Güllert Fotografie – Logo
Winter – Suse Güllert Fotografie
Suse Güllert Fotografie – Logo
Frau mit Tasche

Woman with a bag • 93 x 140 cm • 1/10 2021

A high, old wall surrounding a park. I walk along and see that there are traces of damp and black mould stains on the wall. At one point I notice a small graffiti in black paint. It shows a woman carrying a shopping bag.

I stop and we look at each other. She looks serious and unblinking.

Why do I stop, do I perceive her like this?

She seems lonely on this eternal long wall, but the dark grown spots on the plaster give her a space, a hold, as it were, that comforts.

Current exhibition

from 10.09.2021 – 03.10.2021

AN UNWRITTEN NOVEL from Virginia Woolf – Cordial invitation to the annual exhibition of the female artists’ association GEDOK Munich. I will also present one of my works here.

as part of the 16th Landshut Art Weekend
from 10. to 12. September
each from 14 – 19 h

Interactive Performance:
from Kirsten Lilli on Friday, 10.09.2021

Finissage with reading:
from Barbara Yurtaş on Sunday, 03.10.2021

Herrngasse 375
84028 Landshut

Opening hours:
Thursday – Sunday
from 14 to 17 h

Suse Güllert

Suse Güllert neben einem ihrer Werke

After my apprenticeship as a bookbinder, in 1986, I founded my own paper manufactory “Schachtel & Schachtel” and specialized in design and production of high-quality handcrafted boxes.

My collections have been shown at trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany and abroad and are sold also in the MOMA Museum Shop in New York.

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, a gift I received when I was very young. It had only two exposure settings, sunny or cloudy; compared to modern technical standards it was a kind of Camera Oscura. At that time, I started thinking and researching about “how do I see and what do I see” So, from my first self-earned money, I finally bought a SLR camera.

Coming from material handcrafting, I particularly perceive haptic and texture. I’m interested in corresponding structures and their reduction, the abstract, which stands as a part for the typological whole:

human acting and being connected with the emotionality of a situation,
shortly, the essential behind the obvious.

I like to experiment, but I don’t edit my pictures. Since I have been photographing analogue for a very long time, I like to define my picture, or a section, the moment I press the shutter release button. An exception are the kaleidoscopes, which have been created on the computer.

Fabric Kaleidoscopes, in 2007, was my first exhibition, behind which stands a very personal story.

In 2014 I graduated in Photography at the “Hamburger Fernakademie”, and since then my works have been shown in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg.

Informationen zu meinen Bildern

Informationen zu meinen Bildern

Meine Fotografien sind FineArtPrints auf Büttenpapier. Durch die besondere Drucktechnik auf dieses hochwertige matte Papier entsteht eine hohe Farbintensität und eine samtig anmutende Oberfläche.
Die Auflagen sind limitiert auf 5 oder 10 Stück.
Die Größen sind variabel von ca. 30 x 40cm bis 100 x 180 cm, pur oder mit Passepartout/Holzrahmen oder aufgezogen auf Aludibond käuflich erwerbbar. Die Preise liegen bei ca. 250 € bis 2.000 €.

Bei der Online-Kunstgalerie BILDERGIPFEL finden Sie einige meiner Arbeiten.

Haben Sie Interesse, so freue mich über eine Mail oder Ihren Anruf.